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"To be the most reliable remote monitoring service provider in the US."
"To redefine patient safety by making technology accessible at all levels of care."
Health consultation


Health Sitter Solutions was founded in 2021 to provide video monitoring services for high risk patients requiring enhanced observation in the hospital. Our unique subscription models allow video monitoring to be immediately accessible to acute care facilities throughout the nation. Our ability to combine state of the art video/audio technology with a team of experienced Virtual Safety Associates makes us great partners for hospitals who are dedicated to deliver the best patient experience. 


Health Sitter Solutions prides itself in leading the way, integrating technology, and having leaders from a diverse background and experience.

Providing the safest and best experience for patients and families is at the heart of every decision we make.  

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram

Christopher P Gauthier, RN 

Christopher is a Registered Nurse with 10+ years of Hospital Operations and Healthcare Management Experience. He started in the EMS field before moving into ER Nursing. He held many roles in Nursing and Hospital Management at several hospitals throughout the New York and New Jersey Area. Christopher enjoys spending time with family, traveling and helping others.


Jerry A Dutreuil, PE, BB
Vice President

Jerry brings over 10+ years of experience in Mechanical Engineering and Design for power plants operation.  He held positions in Operations and Management supporting a region of 9 plants. He is a Lean Six Sigma practitioner with a Black Belt. On his spare time, Jerry enjoys spending time with family and DIY projects.

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