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Virtual Video Monitoring

Hospitals everywhere are tasked with ensuring the safety of patients who are cognitively impaired and at high risk of safety incidents. Remote Video Monitoring provides a cost-effective and practical solution to the safety observation process.

Utilizing safe and secure 2 way Audio-Video devices allow one trained observer to monitor several patients at the same time. This allows for hospitals to re-deploy their staffing resources back to other patient care areas and ensures that they are working at the height of their scopes of practice.

Video monitoring is an effective tool to reduce falls and provide cost savings associated with staffing and expenses associated with safety events.


Virtual Safety Associates

  • Our team of Virtual Safety Associates (VSA) are trained to respond promptly to events that potentially lead to safety incidents and patient injury.

  • Each VSA receives extensive training on the use and application of our technology.

  • VSAs are trained in identifying some of the tell-tale signs indicating that a patient could be involved in potentially unsafe behavior and  will work to verbally redirect them immediately.

  • Our staff have excellent communication skills to effectively interact with patients and hospital staff.

  • Our staff come  from an array of backgrounds across healthcare and other industries.

  • All our VSAs are Basic Life Support certified to ensure the safety of our patients.

Our Technology

  • We use state of the art, carefully developed equipment to provide the best possible quality of care.

  • All of our technology is compliant with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements to ensure that patient privacy is protected at all points of care.

  • Our Video Monitoring Devices are equipped with high definition cameras that are able to pan and tilt in all the directions to provide the best view of the patients room.

  • Devices are also built with quality tablets that allow the patients to see their observers during conversations and night vision technology to allow safe monitoring regardless of light conditions.

  • Our Platform allows our VSAs to safely observe multiple patients with the ability to alarm for help and communicate with unit level staff with one click.

  • While being observed, staff will have access to a customized note section that outlines each patient’s individual needs, giving the VSAs the right information to help ensure the patient’s safety.

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